The Why and How of Fitness Instructor Insurance


Modern economic realities have made more people look the way of their first love – their passion. One of the easiest ways to make a living in today’s economic decline is to create a profession out of one’s passion.
The dancing profession aptly illustrates this; more and more people are now making a living by either dancing or teaching people how to dance. With this, however, comes a challenge, especially for dance instructors. Exposure to risks and liabilities, or having someone question your ability, can be disheartening and potentially financially damaging, which is why people are getting individual instructor insurance.

For example, dance instructor liability insurance is a policy that has been designed to offer protection to dance instructors; it covers negligence and “trip and fall” claims that may arise wherever you are instructing clients. Whether it is in a ball room, a club, a studio or even private homes, the policy will adequately cover you against claims as a result of bodily injury, as well as property damage.

Dance instructor insurance not only offers your business protection. It can also give your dance tutor business a professional edge. Modern professionals and musicians, who have achieved A-list status, will be able to comfortably offer you a job as personal choreographer and dance trainer if you have insurance in place. So in essence getting this policy can improve your money making ability. Think of it like this… whatever has the potential to make you more dollars… makes sense.

Getting a dance instructor insurance policy is not as difficult or abstruse as some people think; most insurance companies have packages that cover this area. The best move for you is to pitch your tent with an top insurance company that has experience in this area.

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