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A Look at Easy Marketing Tips and Strategies for the Small Business Owner


Many retirees are finding themselves coming out of retirement. And many of these are former small business owners. What they thought their retirement income would cover is no longer a reality. When they come out of retirement, more retired entrepreneurs have started up small businesses . In one aspect, the business climate has become open enough for them to rethink retirement. They find support...

Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Optimizing Online Presence?


Having a solid understanding of what your site visitors expect from your site, will help you perfect your small business marketing plan. Determine what it is that you want the visitor to leave with after visiting your website and strive to answer all questions before they are asked. Your jog will then be close to complete. Provide the answer right in plain sight. Depending on your goals, you will...

Contractors Should Have Temporary Insurance Coverage While a Property Is Under Construction


If you are constructing your house or commercial building, you are probably aware that anything can happen to disrupt the process or hamper the completion of the construction project. Construction-related risk, accidents and damages should always be taken into consideration even if the construction project has not started yet. Unforeseen circumstances can always happen like damage due to fire or...

Applying For Special Event Insurance and Getting Quality Affordable Premiums


If you are planning a special event like a wedding reception, trade show or any kind of gathering you need to consider getting insurance. It’s not enough to just think about safety and accident prevention for your guests, you really need to cover yourself from the hazards that might be out of your control.  Did you know that there is special event insurance policy that you can apply for to...

Being Found thanks to Small Business the Guide to Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing is the buzzword of the times. It is actually more than a buzzword, it is a way to sustain success. By understanding how search engines work, by planting keywords throughout your web copy, you make yourself relevant to the search engines and they seek you out and display you to the potential client that needs what you have. This would create the perfect small business guide...

Who Is Exempt From DMEPOS Medicare Surety Bonds?


There are some who are exempt from having to get a Medicare surety bond. These include: 1.DMEPOS suppliers that are operated by the government. They have to supply the CME with a comparable type of surety bond under the state law. 2.Those who are state-licensed orthotic or prosthetic personnel who are in private practice and make custom-made orthotics or prosthetics. However, they have to prove...

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